Highway 1 Westbound
<-- Swift Current (Lac Pelletier Tr) to Alberta border -->
Photographed: January 2004*
Highway 32 exit. *July 2004
Weigh scales in the centre median.
Highway 32 overpass. *August 2003
Town of Webb access to the left. *August 2003
This area sees extensive freeze thaw cycles during this winter. Generally snow build up is kept down due to the warming of Chinook winds.
Advance sign for Highway 37 intersection.
Highway 37 junction. The town of Gull Lake is to the left.
Tompkins access to the left.
Piapot access to the left.
Advance sign for the Highway 21 junction.
Approaching the junction.
Close view of the intersection. This is the last major junction before entering Alberta.
Advance sign for Highway 32 exit. *January 2003
The remaining 40 km of highway travel through the driest area of the province. This location receives less than 300mm of precipitation each year. *August 2003
There is also a significant ridge of hills to pass through before the terrain flattens out right before the border. *August 2003
Approaching the Alberta border. *August 2003
Welcome to Alberta. *August 2003
Service road exit leaving Swift Current. *September 2003