Highway 1 Westbound
<-- Moose Jaw (Thatcher Dr) to Chaplin -->
Photographed: September 2003*
Main Street South exit.
Advance sign for Highway 2 north to Prince Albert.
Highway 2 cloverleaf interchange.
Service road exit between Main Street and 9th Avenue NW. *July 2004
9th Avenue NW intersection.
Towns of Caronport and Caron access intersection.  *July 2004
Mortlach access to the left. *July 2004
Here the westbound and eastbound lanes are separated. The newer westbound direction assumes a straight path, bypassing the town of Parkbeg, while the older, eastbound lanes divert south.
Parkbeg access road turnoff to the left. *January 2004
Eastbound and westbound join together again as the highway gently rises into the Missouri Coteau.
There are several sections on this portion of Highway 1 where there is a dramatic difference in design standard between the carriageways. Here the original lanes, constructed in the 1950s, take a vertical dip while the twinned lanes, built in the 1970s, take a level path.
Advance sign for the junction with Highway 19 north/58 south . *July 2004
Highway 19 to Central Butte is to the right with Highway 58 to Gravelbourg on the left.
*July 2004
Chaplin access, just past Highway 19/58. *July 2004