Highway 1 Pictures
Lewvan Drive, the last exit in Regina heading west.
Highway 1 Westbound
Regina (Lewvan Dr) to Moose Jaw (Thatcher Dr) -->
Photographed: September 2003*
Grand Coulee access road.
The Pense access road is just ahead on the right.
Heavy vehicle weigh scale exit.
The exit ahead leads to a short service road through the town of Belle Plain.
Approaching Kalium Road turnoff which leads to Kalium potash mine.
Advanced sign for Highway 39 & 301.
Highway 39 & 301 exit.
Service road exit which also leads to an interchange with Range Road 260.
Entering Moose Jaw (next 4 exits).
Advanced signage for Manitoba Street Expressway. As well as leading to Highway 2 south, this road is also Highway 1A (Moose Jaw city route).
Moose Jaw "The Friendly City" entrance sign. *July 2004
Manitoba Street Expressway left exit.
Thatcher Drive advanced sign.
Thatcher Drive turnoff.