Highway 6 Northbound
<-- 6th Avenue N to North of Southey -->
Photographed: August 2003/October 2002
Transition to 2-lane roadway.
Just a few km further north and the trees start to pick up.
Town of Southey.
Highway 11 exit in north Regina.  *September 2002
CP Rail line crossing north of the interchange.
Armour Road/Inland Drive intersection.
Industrial Drive intersection. This road is fittingly named as Highway 6 passes through  an industrial subdivision north of the city.
North of the industrial area, the divided highway ends ahead.
Heading through the Qu'Appelle Valley.
28 km north of Southey.
Approaching the Ring Road North (Highway 11 & 6 bypass interchange.
North -> West loop ramp exit.
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