Highway 4 Northbound
Close up of Highway 16 signage at the same interchange. /October 2002\
Road fork at the interchange. /October 2002\
After crossing the North Saskatchewan River into North Battleford, the road forks once again as Highways 16 and 40 Eastbound go off to the right. /October 2002\
Looking north from the southern terminus at the U.S. border (Port of Munchy). /August 2001\
Between port of Munchy and Val Marie. /August 2001\
At Highway 1 junction in Swift Current. Notice "GRAD 2000" spray painted. /December 2000\
Up the hill into North Battleford. /October 2002\
Between Val Marie and Cadilac. /August 2001\
Approaching the interchange with Highways 16 and 40 in Battleford. /October 2002\
Railway bridge as you enter the city centre.  /October 2002\
Montana Border to North Battleford