Highway 16 Westbound
Marquis Drive exit on the north of Saskatoon.
Dalmeny Access Road.
Junction with Highway 305. This section of Highway 16 to North Battleford does not use the stadard expressway guide signage. Rather a route shield/destination panel signing, commongly seen along 2-lane highways is used.
Over the North Saskatchewan River, you can see the old bridge on the left.
**Photo by Rich Piehl, July 2002**
Truck weigh station in the centre median.
Through the town of Radisson, the highway narrows with a raised median.
Borden access/Municipal Highway 685 junction.
Service Road access, west end of Radisson.
Junction with Highway 340.
Fielding area.
<-- Saskatoon (Highway 12) to Fielding -->
Photographed: February 2003